G. E. Gallas is a writer-illustrator best known for her graphic novels The Poet and the Flea (about the poet-painter William Blake), Pawn My Soul (about a sin-eater named Lilith), and The Plague and Doctor Caim (about a 17th-century plague doctor).

Starting this August, I will begin postingThe Poet and the Flea, my graphic novel about the poet-painter William Blake, as a webcomic on Tapas! For the 193rd anniversary of Blake's death (August 12th), I will post the first 5 pages of volume 1. After that, I will post a page once a week. If everything goes well, I'll...

Episode 21: "What is the best way to organize ideas for storytelling? I have been working on my own comics, but it is difficult for me to capture my ideas and have them received directly by the public."

Episode 20: "I would love to write a graphic novel, but have the art skills of a 5 year old. How to improve your drawing skills from absolute zero."

Mission Statement

For as long as I can remember, I have been telling stories through words and images. I am a graduate of New York University: Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where I created my own major: a cross-cultural study of storytelling within film, literature, graphic novels, etc. In all my endeavors, I adapt this interdisciplinary approach, pursuing my diverse interests with in-depth research and imagination.