G. E. Gallas is a writer-illustrator best known for her graphic novels:

👁️ The Poet and the Flea about the English poet-painter William Blake and his nightmarish creation, The Ghost of a Flea.

👁️ The Plague and Doctor Caim about a 17th-century plague doctor: an Everyman with a beak (published by Cast Iron Books).

Gallas specializes in historical fiction with touches of the fantastical and macabre.

Sierra Barnes and I will be sharing a half table at SPX (Small Press Expo) in Bethesda, Maryland this coming September 17th (Saturday) and 18th (Sunday). Our half table will be located with DC Conspiracy, The Capital Area Comics Creators Collective. Sierra and I are both members of The Historical Comics Collective. We will be selling copies of...

I was recently interviewed by Anthony Andujar Jr for The Fanboy Factor about The Poet and the Flea. Plus, The Poet and the Flea (Volume 1) was reviewed by Alan Spinney.