Earlier this year, I created a series of YouTube videos on how to write, draw, promote, publish, etc. your own webcomic, graphic novel, zine, etc. Someone on Twitter recently told me they were helpful, so I thought I'd share them here. You can watch all 21 episodes here:

Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier recently interviewed publisher/editor Lizzie Kaye. In this interview, she talks about her new publishing company Cast Iron Books, her "publishing ethos," and upcoming projects including my graphic novel The Plague and Doctor Caim!

Starting this August, I will begin posting The Poet and the Flea, my graphic novel about the poet-painter William Blake, as a webcomic on Tapas! For the 193rd anniversary of Blake's death (August 12th), I will post the first 5 pages of volume 1. After that, I will post a page once a week. If everything goes well, I'll...