The Plague and Doctor Caim Success on Kickstarter!


I'm very excited to announce that my plague doctor graphic novel The Plague and Doctor Caim was a success on Kickstarter! With 263 backers, we raised 164% of our goal. Previously, we crowdfunded The Plague and Doctor Caim via Unbound, where we had 232 supporters. So 232 Unbound supporters plus 263 Kickstarter backers equals 495 supporters/backers total. Since some supporters/backers bought more than one copy of The Plague and Doctor Caim, that means we've sold just over 500 books so far! My publisher Cast Iron Books will be busy printing and distributing The Plague and Doctor Caim over the coming months. For those who haven't bought the book yet, but want to get your hands on a copy, the book will soon be available to purchase on the Cast Iron Books online store: Thank you so, so much to everyone who backed the book and to everyone who helped spread the word. I truly appreciate all your support!