The Poet and the Flea Coming To Tapas!


Starting this August, I will begin posting The Poet and the Flea, my graphic novel about the poet-painter William Blake, as a webcomic on Tapas! For the 193rd anniversary of Blake's death (August 12th), I will post the first 5 pages of volume 1. After that, I will post a page once a week. If everything goes well, I'll increase that to twice a week. This way, I'm hoping to build interest leading up to the brand-new, never-before-seen pages of volume 2 (and, eventually, volume 3).

If you don't feel like waiting week to week for volume 1, the paperback version is available on my online store:

I truly appreciate everyone's support and hope you'll enjoy reading The Poet and the Flea volume 1 and eventually volumes 2 & 3 on Tapas. If you'd like to be notified when new pages are posted, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: